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When I was 13 I wished to be 20. Now it is almost 2013 and I'm almost 42 wishing I was 24. How time seems to fly. Years are compressed into measures made by man in an attempt to grasp at the reality of an infinite concept in a definite form. While the planets turn and the revolution continues of the solar system in a clockwork fashion the demise of our planet is misforetold! Alas the calendar will soon shed it's last leaf of the year and a new cycle will begin. The hourglass will be reset. All in attempt of progress the young will yern for the new year and the old will look towards with perhaps fear or optimism. Let us hope that as a race of simple creatures  we can learn from our past mistakes and grow as civilized societies. I dream that webwill love our neighbor and harbor no ill will or contempt for others. The best is yet to come. Let not the age of new bring doubt of old but refresh in knowing that peace is much like time a concept that can be described with words but never fully comphrended unless it has been experienced with a gratitude of deserving and not simply a taste sampled as a child would of a delicious treat. The savoring of our age brings the flavor of wisdom that would be the sour of fruit not sweet to the unfamished heart! So as this year dwindles to a slow fate I reflect upon the past but gaze towards the future and hope for all a very happy new year!
wario7793 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hear! Hear! :clap: Nicely said! :)
DarthMater Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Thanks very much!
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